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The Flight To Nowhere

Jack Highberger

UPDATED:APR 01 2017 09:33PM CDT

(KMSP) - A flight to nowhere from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Saturday helped a group of “Can Do Canines” achieve a critical moment in their training.

For assistance dogs in training, this was a chance to experience the airport, getting to know the many sights, sounds and smells.

“You never know what you are going to run into at the airport,” said program instructor Kaity McGinn. “So it’s so important they can learn to be calm, cool, collected…and not have an accident.”

"Can Do Canines" teaches service dogs how to fly

Just like people, the dogs learned to navigate the TSA, and other complexities of modern air travel. This gives the chance to experience the nuances of flying.

NOTE: Laverne, shortly after the Flight To Nowhere, flew with Marty and Jean to Washington, D.C.