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My Angel my hero

"I'm a pretty lucky guy!"

The story of how faith and my wife are my angel and my hero. This story and video were first posted in April of 2015.

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My Angel My Hero



If we can conquer our own deep dark moments of life and still stand still; that is called faith and courage. Faith is stronger than everything else as someone has said ‘faith can move mountains’. God has given us a beautiful life to live to love to worship and many more things to do. And He has also blessed us with strength, potential and great abilities to cope with problems present in life. In today’s world everyone is fighting a war in oneself. But the one who has belief in God and miracles doesn’t feel alone.

As Plato has said, “We are twice armed if we fight with faith”. When a person find oneself in the middle of a forest surrounded by inescapable problem like one who has a disease like Parkinson’s disease will think that there is no way out and Parkinson’s is one’s destiny. But that’s not the case because one can deal with Parkinson’s with positive attitude and faith in God and miracles happen to those who believes. Just like those who believe that there must be a cure to Parkinson’s disease and they will surely find the cure one day. Marty has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2014. However over the last 15-20 years his body started shaking and his legs started trembling. But he is a strong man with great power of faith. He has never lost his faith in God and in himself. Like in this video he said, “In my life my faith has been my constant partner.” His wife has been so helpful to him during his journey against this incurable disease. As he says in the video, “There will be a wedding in the family and I will be dancing; dancing with my angel, my wife.”So have faith in God and in yourself.

Video Presentation

My Angel My Hero


My angel my hero (short Film)

My Angel My Hero is a 501c3 New York Based Non-Profit Organization. Their mission is to bring awareness towards different social causes through films and videos. This projects highlights people's inspirations and how even in struggle work towards being positive. If you have a story to tell the world and how you dealt with Parkinson's disease, what was your inspiration, what made you stand where you are. The world needs to know your story. Because only together we can learn from each other, inspire each other and find a cure for this disease.
The film echoes the sound of music and dance to help people with Parkinson’s disease, a disease caused by the deterioration of brain cells leading to tremors of the muscles in the body.