Here is where you'll be able to donate to our efforts in supporting Parkinson's Research and Service Dogs.


Laverne joined our family in February 2017 and has been a blessing to Marty by assisting him in many tasks that are difficult for him to complete due to some of the complications of Parkinson's disease. She brings him his meds in the morning, helps him when he freezes or falls, and picks up some of the many objects that fall from Marty's hands.

As a result of Laverne's presence, Jean can return to being Marty's wife instead of doing everything for Marty.  Peace of mind is present is there for Jean knowing that if Marty falls, Laverne can bring Marty's phone to him - this has already happened on more than one occasion!

Laverne's cost of training is over $25,000, a cost absorbed by Can Do Canines and their generous donors! Would you consider a donation in honor of Marty? Go to our Can Do page to find out more! 



The 2017 Walk has been completed. Stay tuned for more information about the 2018 Walk!

Marty and his Movers and Shakers participated in the Moving Day Walk for Parkinson's in Plymouth, Minnesota. We walked yearly since 2014, and we'd like to have you be a part of our  team, SHED Happens! 

So some of you are saying, "Hey, I can't be there."

That's okay! You can support us in a variety of ways. When you click on the logo to the right, you will be directed to my official page for the walk. There you can donate in my honor. You have a choice to remain anonymous if you'd like. This is also the page to sign up to be a part of our walking team! 

Either way, your help supports research which one day will find a way to maybe halt this disease or even find a cure. But that doesn't happen unless you take the first step to help us in our steps. 

MOVING DAY 2019 is Saturday May 4th


The shirt is available for order from this site. Just click on the picture to order your short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirt. It will be sent directly to your home***.  

"The Shirt" is our fundraising effort for the two organizations that we support - National Parkinson's Foundation - Minnesota Chapter and Can Do Canines. 

Consider purchasing one today!
***Please note shipping will be added to the order. Domestic US shipping only at this time. If you are an international friend, please send us a note and we will contact you with more information about shipping costs.

Click Above To Order Today!



Advocare's motto is "We Build Champions" and they do that in helping you in your health, wellness and fiscal goals. We take these supplements because we can't possibly get everything our body needs in our daily diet, so Advocare fills in the gaps. 

Whenever someone orders through our site, just click on the link, and 10% of the cost of your order will be donated to our fundraising efforts.

Now that is what I call Champion Building!! 



WALL ART - Now Available at

I have always loved photography, but you won't see my face in many pictures though. Parkinson's patients shake and so one might think that the pictures I take are all fuzzy. 

Well..I have tossed many of those aside, but I have learned how to use a tripod over the years and with a remote shutter release, I have been able to bring into view the pictures that inspire me. 

These pictures are available for purchase and the profits go directly to our fundraising efforts. Go to our page at Click on the picture to view our gallery!