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who is laverne?

Service Dog Extraordinaire

Laverne is a purebred Standard Poodle that Marty received from Can Do Canines. Laverne's sole purpose is to assist Marty in his daily activities.

There will come a day when Marty has progressed to a point where daily tasks, such as grabbing and holding on to a variety of items, are difficult or impossible to perform. This is where Laverne steps up to the occasion.

From her birth and continuing each day in our home, Laverne has trained to help Marty. She's picked up Marty's wallet, his phone, brings his medical bag first thing each morning, and has even picked up papers from the floor that Marty has dropped. Laverne's favorite thing to do is to nudge the handicap door buttons! She just loves to open the door!

She does this so Marty doesn't have to worry about another spell of orthostatic hypotension - a quick drop of blood pressure typically resulting in dizziness, fainting or falls. It is peace of mind that Laverne brings for Jean knowing that if something were to happen to Marty in another room in the house or when he is alone that Laverne can find Jean or get a phone for Marty.

Laverne's training does come with a price. In the future we will have an opportunity for you to assist us and others in need of a service dog. The money we raise in various fundraisers is donated to Can Do Canines and organizations serving Parkinson patients.