Marty & Jean

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Marty and Jean are a happily married couple living in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. On this website we hope to share with you a little bit of who we are and what we do.

We have put together this website to share with family and friends our life as we live with Marty's 2014 diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. We know that to run away and hide would be the easiest solution to facing this disease, but since being diagnosed we have felt the best way to face this change in our life is to live each day, one day at a time, celebrating the good and working through the not-so-good.

This site is divided into In a variety of topics. In Our Life we share with you about our family and our life outside of the home. In 4 Health, we discuss four areas that help us lead a healthy life including faith, diet, exercise,and  wellness. Silver Linings is our blog where we will frequently note some of our struggles, joys, wisdom and daily experiences, while in MarketPlace you have the opportunity to help us out in our efforts to raise awareness and fund Parkinson's disease research. Before you leave stop in at Friends and let us know that you came by.

We thank you for visiting our home on the web. Keep facing the sun.

Marty & Jean