Somedays I can't get the words to roll off my lips to make others aware of how I am feeling or to explain a concept or to just say thank you. It is the cruelty of Parkinson's boisterously appearing in my silence. The last month I have had more days like this than I wish to experience.

Experiences though cannot be taken away from me even as this body finds physical abilities slowly disappearing. One experience that will never leave me is the first time that I heard my wife's voice. It was five years ago when I heard her say hello for the first time.

It was angelic in so many ways. Her laugh was warm, her words soothing, and the love echoing through each syllable pierced my heart with an undeniable warmth. 

Today, as much as she wishes to hide it, I can hear the pain in her voice. The pain of seeing someone you love with all of your being slowly, ever so slowly fade. I saw it in her eyes this morning, too. She can't deny it. It was there. And it hurts.

I love her so much. I never thought that I could love someone like this. When I think about what I am doing, the first thoughts that appear for me are not my desires but how I can love her more today.

I know how she loves me more. She holds back the tears hoping that I won't see them flow. She squeezes my hand tighter, embraces me in a longer hug. She Smiles.

When she smiles, she takes my worries and my pain away. The smile doesn't mean that our lives are perfect. It means that she appreciates what we have and what God has blessed us with...Each other.

I am so honored to be married to my wife and know this special love.

Keep smiling Sweetheart. I Love You!