Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible,"
Matthew 19:26 NIV

As I write this I note on the calendar that that we are marking the anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. This time is also noted in many faiths as a call to respect life. For many couples desiring to have families of their own, it is a time that is difficult to bear.

My sister struggled for many years with this ideal, but her faith in God never wavered even as her, and her husband's, life of infertility continued to age. For most couples forty years of age or more, conceiving a child is a rare and precious gift. They were no different.

Sarah in the Old Testament laughed when she overheard the Angels of God tell Abraham that she would bear a son. Zachariah's prayers where answered when told Elizabeth would give birth to John the Baptist, but in his doubt, he was made deaf and mute. My sister and her husband were ready to give up the dream when they were informed that a two day old baby needed a home to be fostered in. There was no laughter, but worries that they may lose this child as had happened when they previously fostered children. 

This child has a biblical name, named after an ancestor of Abraham. He has God's promise. After today, he has parents in my sister and her husband as the adoption process was finalized. I have a new nephew.

This journey that my sister and her husband travelled was not easy. Difficult and a testing of their faith was a path they walked for the last fifteen months, but there is joy in their home as they became a family. This faith that they possess is the same faith that motivates me each day. It doesn't matter what is placed before my wife and I as we walk the journey with Parkinson's disease, we walk with the same promise that was shared with my sister and her husband. "With God, all things are possible."