Sto Lat (Polish Version)
Sto lat, sto lat, niech zyje zyje nam.
Sto lat, sto lat, niech zyje zyje nam.
Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz, niech zyje, zyje nam.
Niech zyje nam!

Sto Lat (English version)
Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.
Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.
Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.
One hundred years

Today, Busia would have been, make that Busia IS one hundred years old. I say is, not was, because even though she passed on a few years ago, she has never left our hearts and minds. I can still hear her voice in those special moments.

The idea of this song, when sung, is to wish one blessings. Blessings to live a good life, not just a hundred years. Many see a long life when you live to that age, but is it always the best life.

I remember my Busia telling me that "old age is hell!" I know what she meant. There are days that your body doesn't cooperate with what your mind is telling it. I experience that almost daily in my struggle with Parkinson's. I have good days and I have the bad ones, too.

But I also know that in her nearly one hundred years that she had many more blessings than pain.In her last days she got to experience the greatest blessing in my life, and in some ways, she knew what I was going to be facing in the days ahead. You may call it intuition, but I believe others can sense in some mysterious way the road one may be travelling before it is even there in front of you.

When I introduced my wife to Busia, they immediately bonded. The smile on both their faces told me how much they each loved me. As Busia discovered the health issues that my wife had recently gone through, the "Thank you God" that she whispered from her lips told me that she knew she was ready for the next steps in her journey and that mine were only beginning.

I think Busia knew. Exactly one year, to the day, from the night of her wake when I had issues with my legs freezing and the tremors continually rolling, I was diagnosed. I know that Busia also knew that she didn't have to worry about who was going to care for her grandson. There was a lady just as special as she to be there for me.

No, Busia is not present in flesh, but her spirit is with us every day. I no longer mourn her passing because I no longer miss her. She is right here inside of me - I feel her presence in my heart and her loving arms wrapping around my soul.

She left a mark on me and countless others in her nearly one hundred years. Isn't that the greatest blessing?

Sto Lat!