This past week has seen the attainment of many goals that I made this past January. Many times we make those New Year's resolutions only to give up in the first thirty days.This year has been different.

The first goal I decided to reach was to lose fifty pounds. I knew that I weighed too much and I was having difficulty moving and sleeping. Parkinson's does not discriminate on who gets it or who doesn't. You can be tall or short, fat or skinny, male or female, and your skin can be one of a variety of colors. When Parkinson's hits, it hits you hard.

Just because I was a runner, I didn't have a special pass when it came to delaying Parkinson's. A busy schedule kept me a few days off of the treadmill and I began to notice difficulties as I went back to working out. No longer could I keep my 3.8 mph pace.

I went from running a 5K to being pushed in a wheelchair when I went shopping. Moving was difficult. Shortly after hitting the wheelchair, I was given that life-changing diagnosis. My first therapy session found me at a high risk for fall and my shuffling gate at 0.7 mph. 

My physical therapist worked with me to get me moving. In two short months, I was up to 1.5 mph pace. That is what I walked two years ago in my first Moving Day walk. Within months, my PD doctor gave me the clearance to begin jogging. As I began to train, my times became slower. It wasn't the Parkinson's, this time it was my knee!

Eight months, two cortisone shots, and one knee/leg brace later, I received a new knee. My running days were over. As I have documented before, the battle to get mobility back into that knee was long and difficult, but I stayed on course. I pushed myself working out to get the leg better. It was during this time that I added more weight.

Finally, something had to give. I had one of those talks with the Big Man upstairs; the kind where He talked and you listen. I was trying to do it all. I had to ask Him for help and guidance. He woke me up with a fast growing mass on the right side of my abdomen. I let him take over.

He knows the path we need to take, even though many times we think we know better. When you listen to the Master, it is amazing what you will learn and accomplish. Even with the recent slowdown of the surgery to remove the mass, I continued to pray and give it up to Him. He did not fail me.

I know celebrate. I celebrate the fact that I have been able to lose over fifty pounds. I hit my goal to do it in sixteen weeks. I had a fundraising goal for the 2016 Moving Day Walk for Parkinson's. We doubled that personal goal. Through hard work in the gym, I have been able to reach my walking goal. For the first time since before the diagnosis, I have been able to walk continuously the 3.8 mph pace.

There is one more goal to reach, and I have to work on this goal daily. I have to listen. I know the steps that the Lord has me taking; these steps are a part of my Parkinson's journey. When I have taken my last steps, I will reach this most important goal. Being with him.

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
Proverbs 16:9