If you look at biblical numbers, the number seventeen signifies victory, so it is not coincidence that the posting of my story by My Angel My Hero was posted on the seventeenth of this month. I will have victory over Parkinson's.

That victory may be through a cure one day, if that is God's will. I do know that the best victory is when God brings me back home and I no longer have a body pilfered with this disease. I will be made whole in His sight.

When athletes prepare and play their respective sports they know that in order to be victorious, they have to pay a price. They have to work out, exercise, plan, and practice. Then on "Game Day" they have to give it their all as the cliche says "leave it all on the line." Each day with Parkinson's is "Game Day"!

We don't have time to prepare. We have to make adjustments to our game just like a quarterback. But that is only for the disease. We have been practicing for victory for a long time though.

When we make the decision to commit ourselves to God, we make a commitment to Victory. We practiced everyday. We practice living a life following His examples. We practice through prayer. We practice through the life we live.

One day, I will "play" that final game but until then,  I continue to begin and end each day thanking God for giving me another day of practice.

"...but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
1 Corinthians 15:57