If you follow this blog, and you are reading this, you might be wondering, "What Happened?"

Life is what happened!

You might wonder if I have been too busy to write or what other excuse I might use for the vacation these posts have been on. You might even have thought "Is his disease keeping him from writing?" You would be correct in wondering but the lack of musings though has been the result of compassion which has filled my soul. 

If you know my story or where I have been in my journey, you are well aware of how I cam to be in MInnesota. Answering the call of my prayers required me to have faith in God that I had not demonstrated previously. I asked and then stepped up.I had always bartered with God in my prayers. We all do it. You know the line: "If you do this for me God, I'll do that." This time was different.I said, "I'll go and I'll have faith. I know you will lead me."

After arriving in Minnesota for my first date with my wife, she immediately took me to see her parents. I thought it was a test to see if I met approval, but as I look back it was God's way of saying I have another "father" for you.

I have always valued my relationship with my dad and the time we had together, but as my wife and I  grew deeper in love and  the inevitable that I would move hundreds of miles from my parents to marry this wonderful women, it would  mean that my relationship with my dad would change  I had to rely on God to help me.What I didn't know then that I do now is that God not only strengthened the relationship that I had with my dad, but he'd also bless me with a "new" dad. 

I didn't expect it. My father-in-law has provided wisdom at times that I didn't know that I needed it. He has allowed me to love his "little pink angel" while at the same time showing me to love as he has loved his wife for nearly seventy years. I never thought that he would affect me so much, but it has.

This past November, "Dad" took ill. His health has steadily declined. I  knew that this would be difficult for my wife to experience, but I didn't excpect it would affect me and it has.

Although these past few months I haven't written, I have had love written on my heart and an awakening of how much God loves us. He provides in ways we cannot fathom. 

We are richly blessed.

I am so thankful for all my dads. 

"...for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."
- Matthew 6:8