There have been times when I have not posted for a few days or a couple weeks, but this may have been the longest amount of time between posts since I first started to correspond on this site. Forgive me if you have been looking forward to my words and found nothing new.

Part of living with Parkinson's is just that: living. When I was first diagnosed I told my wife that I was not going to just go and hide in a shell. I was going to try to live my life as I always had. I would be of full active participant.

One item I chose to actively pursue was leadership. In the past year I was appointed then elected to a position on the school board in the charter school district where I teach. Within the last couple of months I have prayed for guidance and wisdom in making some very difficult decisions which ultimately affected every student, teacher, parent, and community member affiliated with our school. As a result, some decisions have met the litigious realm. This has been one reason that I have remained quiet on this blog.

Another reason which has brought an amount of quietness has been the busy start of a new school year. I find the talent that I have been blessed with by God requires me to spend lots of time in preparing to serve my students well.

In the midst of this busyness I have also learned how precious this time and life really is. I have endured two surgical procedures on my eyes which have resulted in restored eyesight. The surgeries have gone so well that I now possess 20/15 eyesight. The miracle of modern medicine allows me to go through most of my day without the use of corrective glasses which have been a constant companion for the last 47 years. The talent that that God placed within the hands of my surgeon has not only been appreciated by me, but has been a constant reminder that we are His hands, His feet, His voice and His eyes in this world.

Between these two surgeries I was reminded that life is not ours, but His. He knows the time and hour. We must appreciate the time we have and not expect that it will be here tomorrow. I learned and was reminded of this when I was informed of my first wife's death two days after my first eye surgery. While the marriage ended prematurely, I learned many valuable lessons during this time of my life and was thankful that God gave me that opportunity.

All these people have been placed in my life to help me learn how to walk in His ways. I may not like the lessons that I have to learn and endure, however I know that it will make me a better person. Wisdom is not gained from speaking, but from listening.

Since thou was precious in my site, and thou has been honorable, and I have loved thee:
therefore will I give man for thee, and people for thy life.
Isaiah 43:4