So why are we blogging? Let me provide you a little insight from my wife who posted the following on Facebook:

January 9

Life can change in an instant. This morning started out pretty much like any other Thursday. Then, suddenly, the words of a neurologist added a new layer to the life Marty and I have. Parkinson's! That word numbed me to the core this morning. The helpless feeling that my best friend is struggling with a monster I cannot fix. I cannot make it go away. He has once again been my rock today......instead of grief or fear......he shows me determination ....the determination of defining this monster and not allowing it to define us or our life. Today, through the fear, through the shock, and through the numbness......I know how blessed we are, friends, and each other. Parkinson's - the name of this journey we will travel TOGETHER.

January 18

While sitting in a restaurant one evening last week, Marty and I began to talk about some of the things that could change as his Parkinson's Disease progresses. We are living in a world of unknowns at this point, yet he is so positive, so optimistic, so just himself. This week we have seen some decrease in the outward tremor activity as a result of the medication. Marty's diagnosis has left me feeling numb and sad; happy and very blessed! We have this amazing life journey to navigate together. Somehow....Parkinson's will just have to figure out how to fit in. Marty is a man with a very strong faith and someone who sees his diagnosis as an opportunity, not a setback. I am so blessed to call this man my husband, my best friend....and to think it all began with an email.

January 20

As so many of you know, Marty was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a little over a week ago. It is still too early for us to know exactly what this means for our lives, but we do know that while Parkinson's is incurable....there are treatments that can help to the control the tremors and symptoms. Only 1 in 10 individuals with Parkinson's develop the disease before the age of 60. Marty is only 52. Research is an important aspect of helping people like my husband lead more normal lives. On Saturday, May 3, the Parkinson's Walk, 'Moving Day' takes place in Plymouth , MN. Marty's goal is to walk those 2.5 miles without his cane. We invite everyone to join us for this walk and for the fight against Parkinson's. Marty's other goal is to raise at least $500 for Parkinson's research. Please check out the Parkinson's website at: . On the right side of the page is a place where you can donate to a walker. We have formed a team for the walk named :Marty's Movers & Shakers. We appreciate your support and we rely on your prayers!

January 21

Thank you to the staff at Xperience Fitness in Blaine. Marty and I have worked out there for nearly a year now. Since his diagnosis 1 1/2 weeks ago, they have been incredibly supportive. Today those words were followed up by action. There are so many good people in this world. When something as simple as going back into the locker room after a workout offers a challenge, it was nice to have a male employee follow Marty in and make sure he was safe. He finished his workout today, but it took a lot out of him and he was unsteady afterwards. I am so proud of his drive to fight this disease. I watch him struggle with every day things most of us take for granted......but he doesn't give up! He is my rock and my hero!

Melanie Lukaszewski Dolph  Jan and Marty should write a blog. Good to hear his progress!

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