Remember the song sung a few years ago by Bobby McFerrin titled Don't Worry, Be Happy? "In every life we have some trouble/ But when you worry, you make it double/ Don't worry, be happy..," Well, "worry" is triple in my family.

Yesterday, May 21, 2015, my sister was given the news that two pins will be placed in her ankle area during surgery next Wednesday to aid in the healing of a break. She is worried about infection since the last leg surgery saw her coming down with an infection and it took extra time to recover.

My Mom is scheduled for cataract surgery on July 1st (my dad's birthday) and eyelid surgery in August. She is worried. Always has been about surgery.

Today, I go through pre-op tests for the total knee replacement (left knee) that I am scheduled for on June 9th. My worry? I worry that I'll be a burden on my wife.

But I am also happy. How?

Throughout our lives we face many troubles. As humans we are frail. We fall into traps of doubt. We try to do things by ourselves and the we forget to trust in ourselves, in others, and in the one who we should trust. It is what David needed to do when he was in crisis. He knew his setback was only temporary, just like ours.

When I am afraid, I will trust in you.
Psalm 56:3