Have you ever thought how someone else views you? You can ask if they love you, but how do you know the depths of that love?  They may repeat “I love you” in return. But how do you know?

The past day started out as a good day in the terms of my illness. However, my goal for the gym was to ride a bike instead of being on the treadmill. I was having a little skin irritation from wearing my knee brace (I wear a special brace to prolong having a knee replacement) so I was going to be limited in what I did in the workout.

I was feeling good about the bike ride. I kept a steady pace, not too fast, not too slow.  I dismounted the bike and went to get a towel and sanitizer to clean the bike’s parts I touched – got to have good hygiene in the gym! As I was returning to the bike, it happened.

WHAM! I went down to my knees.  I took a second to collect my thoughts and BAM! Back onto my knees. I knew something was wrong. I took time to collect myself and walked slowly to bike, collected my gear, and headed toward the door. 

My wife knew something was wrong. She drove us home, checked my vitals, and made sure that I was ok. I appeared fine and within the hour, I felt well enough to let the dogs out into the yard. 

While I was watching the dogs, my wife wrote the following on her Facebook page: 

“Okay Parkinson’s ... today you crossed the line. Marty has worked so hard this past year to gain balance. We go to the gym almost every day. You weren't invited along today. I am angry that you caused Marty to fall twice. Please take notice: we will continue to travel, to go to the gym, to fight for his strength and endurance and to live! You are messing with the love of my life and that just makes me more determined to help him keep you at bay.”

I don’t have to hear the phrase or hear the numbers that we affectionately post to express our love for each other. I read it in the compassion that my wife displayed in the post. Between the lines was my answer. 

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2