As Jean and I were going through the tedious exploration and eventual diagnosis, my medical team at the clinic provided me with documents to secure what I thought was a temporary handicap parking permit. Our concern was that we would probably be going through testing and possible physical therapy for a few months and for the very short term having a handicap placard would help us. 

I took the paperwork into the License Center and paid a small fee and they gave me a thirty day permit. They suggested seeing my doctor toward the end of the month and get additional paperwork if it was thought that I'd need a longer permit. As recently as this morning Jean and I discussed what we would do during the overlap of the permit expiring and our next doctor appointment as meds need to be tweaked and I am still having issues walking. That was this morning.

In this afternoon's mail, I received an envelope from the Department of Public Safety. In it was a handicap parking permit placard, good for six years. I was speechless which in itself is a very rare event. I realized at that moment two things.

First, I realized that God has been carrying me all along and each night as Jean and I pray together, we have asked Him to provide that which we need. We haven't asked for anything specific; ok, Jean has asked God to take Parkinson's away, but we have always asked for Him to provide and take our fears and worries away. Provide He did and our fears and worries are less.

Second, I realized that this will not be a short-term event. Parkinson's is here to stay. I paused.

Then my mind drifted back to what I read this morning, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). Once again I am reminded that God has a purpose in my life and that includes Parkinson’s.

Many of you might be thinking right now that how can you think that God wants you to have something that is debilitating, frustrating, and pain-filled? He doesn’t, but He is also here with me on this journey and He will provide what we need. I just wasn’t expecting a parking spot close to the door for the rest of my life.